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Editorial, Publishing, and Communications Support Services

The Federal Highway Administration’s Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center (TFHRC) features 20 onsite engineering and chemistry laboratories and funds countless research contracts across the country that produce dozens of technical publications per year. TFHRC also produces marketing and communications materials that range from informational brochures and booklets to event banners and social media posts. For more than a decade, MacroSys has been at the forefront of TFHRC’s editorial and production processes, helping authors and federal staff publish cutting-edge research and create inspired and modern promotional material while adhering to copyright law and Section 508.

MacroSys offers TFHRC a customized, full-service publication and communication process that sees any document through to web or print publication. Taking the reigns and guiding each document through formatting, editing, quality-control review, permissions resolution, layout, graphic creation, and Section 508 remediation, MacroSys directly communicates with all parties involved, managing the process from start to finish. As complete customer satisfaction is our main goal, we

created a customized SharePoint interface for TFHRC to track publication statuses throughout the process, help present webinars, offer one-on-one consultations with authors and federal staff, and regularly provide solutions and innovative approaches for TFHRC’s consideration.

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