Corporate Express Dashboard

At the initiation of MacroSys's Corporate Express Dashboard project for the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), FRA Program Office enterprise data on the corporate intranet resided in silos, was difficult to access, and required a great deal of manual processing to generate meaningful reports.

To solve these problems, MacroSys performed research and analysis on data display, discovering key performance indicators for the Program Office's data and incorporating data from existing FRA business systems.

Using Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007, Silverlight, and Component Art tools, MacroSys combined and leveraged existing institutional and administrative data in a data coherency engine and created several dashboard UIs and levels of access to data. The final UI visualizes key performance indicators and delivers drill-down capabilities to support data in a consistent manner.

The following screen shot shows the Corporate Express Dashboard, which enables users to easily review and understand complex data from core operational areas (including financial management, grants management, etc.) using charts and graphs. The information is separated into modules that can be dragged from the left menu into the "favorites" area in the center of the screen, therefore enabling users to customize the dashboard to meet their individual management and information needs. Video tutorials were also created to help orient users to the new tool.