Institute of Education Sciences, National Center for Education Statistics

How do you reference the latest data on America's schools without lugging around a 400-page book? Put it on your iPad! (Or Kindle or Nook...) After 3 years of partnering with the American Institutes for Research to produce the print and 508-Compliant PDF editions of The Condition of Education, the MacroSys publications team transformed the 2011 edition of the annual National Center for Education Statistics report into the NCES's first-ever eBook. Combining print and web design skills, the MacroSys team developed a production process to allow for enhanced usability of The Condition in the new medium. The eBook allows users to change the text style and size, jump instantly from indicators to related notes within the volume and to online tables, and search for specific terms, as well as create unique bookmarks and annotations for future reference. By using the latest technology, MacroSys now provides The Condition of Education as three distinct formats-paper, PDF, and portable-allowing users to explore data based on their preferences and accessibility needs.