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Integrating research, technology, and communication to produce full-cycle solutions that exceed expectations


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Our diverse team of researchers and analysts decipher complex data to answer difficult questions and help leaders make well-informed decisions. We combine multiple disciplines and subject matter expertise to support effective policy, planning, and management efforts

Survey design and data collection (including strategy, development, and sample selection)

​Economic policy research (especially productivity measurement and impact analysis)

​Program evaluation and performance measurement (including development of statistical measures and indicators)

Transportation analysis, policy, planning, and research


Professional library services (including real-time reference desk support, cataloging, and records management and administration). LEARN MORE




Our dynamic team of IT professionals integrates multiple disciplines and employ user-centered design principles to build technology solutions that provide the best possible user experience and utilize innovative technologies. We have more than a decade of experience helping customers to improve operations while saving time and money. We anticipate, understand, and diagnose challenges and quickly deliver practical, cost-effective, high quality solutions

UI/UX designers

Information architects

Web designers and developers

Numerical programmers

GIS specialists

Database developers and administrators

System administrators

Usability, accessibility, and quality assurance specialists



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Our communication professionals work closely with customers to understand objectives, identify target audiences, and develop strategies and products to effectively reach both. Our expertise ranges from communication strategy, branding, and messaging to graphic design, technical writing and editing, and event planning and management

Communication strategists (including public and media relations)

Graphic designers (including print and online media)

Desktop publishers (including short- and long-document publishing)

Print production specialists (including GPO liaisons)

Writers (including both marketing and technical writing)

Editors (including all levels, from substantive to copyediting and proofreading)

Event planners (including full-cycle event planning and logistics support)

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